Composite Polyester Strap Malaysia Supplier

Pneumatic Cord Strapping Tensioner

We supply to Malaysia and South East Asia. 

Good performance tensioner 

Strap material : composite polyester strap, woven polyester strap

Strap width size:25-32-40 x(0.8-1.6)mm

Model number:CPT-40

Air pressure:0.6-0.

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Composite Polyester Strapping for Cargo Secure
We are one of the reliable composite polyester strapping ( cord strap ) supplier in Malaysia.
Available Sizes : 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm
Breaking Strength : Up to 2400daN
Packing : 2 coils per box 
Dispenser Cart C Composite / Woven Polyester Strap

Dispenser trolley to ease the job when using corded strap or woven polyester strap. 

  • Design by European-style, it could be moved so it’s very convenient, easy to handle.
  • Paper inner diameter 200mm, 250mm, 400mm.
  • Equipped with a toolbox, convenient and practical, could be remove.
  • Weight : 13kg.
  • Capacity : 70kg.

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