Tapered Flow Tip
Tapered Flow Tip


Tapered Flow Tip

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PP Taper Dispense Tip


Taper Tip Needles
  1. Gauge:14G~27G
  2. PP materials
  3. Fully threaded luer lock
  4. Ideal for high viscosity or filled materials

Packaging Detail : 1000 units/bag

Product Advantage:

  1. Precision polypropylene tapered dispensing tips
  2. Use with gel cyanoacrylates, UV-cure adhesives, sealants, and particle-filled materials or any medium- to high-viscosity fluid
  3. With fully threaded luer lock to avoid slipping
  4. Molded of polypropylene with UV-light block additive
  5. Taper can be cut with knife/scissors to have a larger opening

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