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Kevlar Ropes
Kevlar Ropes

Kevlar Ropes

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Category: Kevlar

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Application : To protect hot sheets of glass when being tranferred onto rollers during tempering

For quench roller of glass tempering furnaces


  1. 100% Pure DuPont Kevlar Yarn
  2. Higher Temperature Resists
  3. Deformation Resists
  4. Excellent Durability
  5. Abrasion Resists

Standard sizes:

Flat Woven Tape

12mm (w) x 1.5mm (t) ,12mm (w) x 3mm (t), 12mm (w) x 3.5mm (t) , 12mm (w) x 4mm (t), 12mm (w) x 5mm (t), 12mm (w) x 5.5mm (t) ,  13mm (w) x 3mm (t), 13mm (w) x 3.5mm (t), 8mm (w) x 3mm(t) , 8mm (w) x 4mm (t)

Square Braided Rope

5.5mm x 5.5mm ,  6mm x 6mm

*** customised sizes are availalbe upon request***

Packing: 250 meter / roll Delivery : 7 working days

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