Environment, Safety and Health Policy

In Apply Industrial Solution, we commit to adhere by the Malaysian Law & Regulations and strive to minimise our environmental impact and ensure our people return home to their family and friends as healthy as when they start each day.

Consistent with this, Apply Industrial Solution will:
• Promote safety and environmental awareness to our employees, contractors, visitors, suppliers, customers and community;
• Provide and maintain environmentally responsible, healthy and safe working areas and safety methods of work;
• Seek continuous and sustainable improvement of our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) performance by setting measurable objectives and targets aimed at the elimination of injury and illness, the prevention of pollution and the promotion of resource and energy efficiency;
• Identify and assess hazards and control risks to prevent injury, illness and environmental impacts;
• Ensure that employees, contractors, visitors and the community are promptly informed of the hazards and conditions that may impact their safety and health of themselves and others, our business and our environment;
• Actively encourage accurate reporting of all environmental and safety incidents and hazardous conditions, to ensure that appropriate plans can be formulated to take corrective action;
• Conduct our operations in compliance with all applicable legalisation, licences, codes of practice and industry standards;
• Ensure accountabilities and responsibilities for EHS are clearly defined and communicate;
• Actively involve and engage employees and contractors in the improvement of environmental, health and safety outcomes; and

Apply Industrial Solution is committed to implementing this Policy effectively throughout the organisation.