Code of Conduct

At Apply Industrial Solution, we are committed to being a responsible employer ensuring proper terms of employment and appropriate health and safety standards for our employees. We treat each other with respect and promote a good and motivating working environment.

Working conditions
Employment contracts/documents are provided to all employees whether they are short term, long term or temporary. Employees are paid fair and appropriate wages, and always in accordance with legal wages or any existing collective agreements. Provided benefits at least meeting the minimum legal and/or local common standard are provided to all employees. Full compliance with applicable laws, regulations and relevant collective agreements concerning working hours and overtime, leave and minimum rest periods must be assured. Workweeks shall not exceed the maximum set by local law, and all overtime must be voluntary.

Health and safety
All laws and regulations must be followed. Workplace must be a safe and healthy workplace for all, with no compromises in keeping employees safe and in good health - physical as well as psychological. Work is structured to reduce the risk of work-related hazards and injuries. We shall comply with all applicable workplace health and safety laws including appropriate controls, training, work procedures and personal protective equipment.

Freedom of association and collective bargaining
Respect the right of employees to unite freely, organise themselves and to carry out collective bargaining. This is applicable for all countries where the supplier operates, whether or not freedom of association is protected by local legislation.

Data privacy
The protection of personal data and the rights and integrity of individuals is of vital importance to Apply Industrial Solution. All data collected and stored at Apply Industrial Solution, e.g. regarding our employees, product/process specifications, etc. will be processed fairly, carefully and in compliance with the applicable data privacy laws.

Human rights
At Apply Industrial Solution is committed to upholding human rights and to treating our employees with dignity and respect. We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO’s declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at work.

Anti-discrimination and diversity
We acknowledge the value of having diversity in the work force. This includes to respect each other’s differences and recognise that diversity provides a broader spectrum of solutions and ideas overall. When hiring or promoting employees we shall strive to create equal opportunities for all genders. We shall not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on gender, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, pregnancy, military status, religious belief, political opinion, age or disability in relation to hiring or other employee practices.

Child Labour
Child labour is not supported. Children under the age of 15 years (or 14 where the law of the country permits) or children who are subject to compulsory schooling are not employed full time. Children under the age of 18 may not perform night work or work under conditions that are detrimental to their health, safety or social development.

Involuntary Labour
Forced or compulsory labour is not tolerated. All employees should be treated with dignity and respect, and it is not allowed to use forced labour or work otherwise performed involuntarily or under threat of penalty.

Anti-corruption and Business ethics
Over the years, Apply Industrial Solution has built integrity and work ethics. We ensure that business decisions are made with a high ethical standard and in compliance with the law. We work against corruption in all its forms, including bribery and facilitation payments.

Fair Competition
Apply Industrial Solution shall compete in a decent and fair way and comply with legislation relating to fair competition/antitrust laws.

Apply Industrial Solution shall conduct business in a transparent and ethical manner and do not pay or receive bribes. Any payment or granting of valuable advantages to persons, including public officials, with the intention to obtain an advantage/affect a decision in a certain way, is not tolerated.

Facilitation payment
Apply Industrial Solution shall be opposed to facilitation payment, i.e. paying extra to public authorities to speed up routine duties to avoid undue delays. We shall not make use of facilitation payments to unduly expedite, or ensure a routine action that they are already entitled to.

Apply Industrial Solution shall not give or receive gifts, business meals, invitations or other personal benefits from/to a work relation that may influence business decisions and are considered disproportionate or inappropriate in the context of the relationship.

Conflict of interest
A conflict of interest arises when two or more interests are in conflict, i.e. a personal interest conflicting with the company’s interests. Apply Industrial Solution shall strive to act with integrity, which means that personal financial interest or the possibility of giving family members/friends a benefit must never influence decisions.

Decisions related to employments, promotions, purchase of new equipment, creating partnerships, supplier agreements or similar, must always be based on an impartial assessment of who/what is most suitable for the job and in the best interest of the company, it may not be affected by personal relations

Apply Industrial Solution will comply with sustainability and all applicable environmental laws includes efficient use of resources and respect for the environment.